CIS Proposal Form

Please complete the form below to submit your proposal for a Contemporary Issues Seminar (CIS) to the members of COIN.

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  1. Please provide a description of the course.


  2. The CIS is a seminar, by which is meant a course in which the instructor provides direction and motivation for students' leading and actively participating in classroom discussions. Please describe the ways by which you plan to structure your course to be run as a seminar. Please provide examples of how you intend to create student-led discussions, etc.


  3. The CIS is meant to be interdisciplinary. While it may be clear that your CIS subject is interdisciplinary by its nature, please discuss which specific disciplines you intend to explore in your course. Please give examples of how you intend to incorporate these in classroom discussions and point out which texts in your reading list address these disciplines.


  4. How does the seminar topic allow students from a variety of disciplines to creatively bring their backgrounds to bear on the topic? (In what ways will students have the opportunity to reflect upon their own specific disciplinary traditions?)


  5. In what ways does your course encourage student initiative and active participation?


  6. Please provide a suggested reading list for the course and (if it's not obvious from the text's title) indicate briefly which of the academic disciplines to be addressed by your CIS are examined by each text.


  7. How will student performance be evaluated?